Veronica Cortes – By: Ejla Mujkic

“In middle school I would always try to be like everyone else- as most of us did. back then people looked down on those who were “different”. But then came highschool, that summer leading into freshman year I decided that I no longer wanted to be like everyone else. when I would go shopping, I would purposely find clothes that were weird or even ugly and style them in a way that still made me feel confident. It helped me learn to not care about what people thought about me, as long as I was feeling confident in what I was wearing, that’s all that mattered. 

 My twin sister Sonia is my best friend in the entire world. We have been through everything together. One thing that I will always appreciate about our relationship is that we are complete opposites yet we are able to get along so well. one way that me and her differ is that she excels in school settings, you could say she’s the brains between us. while I thrive in creative environments. 

If I were to describe to you my personality I would say that I am outgoing, open minded, and adventurous. I’m always on board to try new things and go to new places experiencing all the different cultures our world has to offer us. 

 I bring my adventurous side into the way I express myself through style. I love trying out new clothing styles and am pretty open minded when it comes to new things. I think that’s the best part of my style, having such a variety of different clothing pieces and being able to mix and match them to fit me.  Like most of us, I definitely am my biggest critic. As much as I preach not caring about what others think about me, there’s always a little voice in my head that worries that maybe what I’m doing isn’t good enough. That being said, I’m also my biggest fan. i’ve learned to block that little voice in my head and keep doing what makes me happy, because at the end of the day we all deserve to be happy being our true selves.”

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