Jake Kinzler – By: Grace Connelly

“Sophomore year was where it all began; the hours of physical therapy, the numerous times of surgery, and the moments that should’ve been played on the field that were spent on the sideline instead. The first game of our sophomore year football season, our varsity team traveled to the University of Michigan to play at ‘The Big House.’

After the first snap of the second half of the game, my sophomore year season was robbed due to a torn acl injury. After lots of physical therapy and using a procedure that restricts blood flow to certain areas, it helped to recover much faster.  With a successful surgery and a strong recovery, I was sure to be back on the field for junior year season. After the first scrimmage of junior year, the fear I was afraid of became a reality once again, my acl was torn. With a repetitive process that was mentally defeating, I used the frustration the best I could. I rechanneled and refocused my energy on academics and fishing while regaining my physical and mental strength to be back on the field once again. Throughout this journey, I learned how to do what it takes, how to persevere and how to reach a goal set for me. I am now fully recovered and was released to play two weeks ago. I am looking forward to a memorable senior season.”

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