The Serve to Last a Lifetime – By: Nolan Woodruff (12)

Whether it be the final set of a regional tournament, practice after school, or at the McDonald’s after playing West Ottawa, one thing is always upheld in the Grandville Tennis program, and that one thing is tradition.  When asked about the winnings of past tennis teams, Coach Tim Buck states, “This year’s Grandville squad has experienced some great successes so far and has continued to uphold the program’s fine tradition of being a very competitive team in the West Michigan area (MLive 2017).”  This tradition that has been present for decades, shows the true character and perseverance of the GHS Tennis program.

With a program prospering for as long as it has, it’s no surprise why that is.  Coach Buck is in the midst of his 30th year coaching GHS tennis.  This commitment to the program has allowed for many people to come in and out of the program, making lasting impacts on people’s lives in the process.  When asked about his experience as a Varsity player, Josh Lawrence (Class of 2019) states,” My time as a bulldog was awesome, we went out there every day, had fun and won some games in the process.  I will never forget my time on the team.”  This impact on just one player’s high school experience shows the true tradition and character building that GHS tennis is known for.  Shying away from the Varsity scene, the JV tennis team has a lot to tell.  For boys that don’t play many sports, new to Grandville, or just looking for something fun to do in the fall, JV tennis offers a whole lot.  Allowing any student, regardless of grade, to join the team opens up a lot of opportunities for memories to be made.  When questioned about his four year span as a JV player, Veteran Spencer Woodruff explains,”I always looked forward to playing tennis every fall, going out there with the boys is something I will never forget.  Tennis allowed me to have something fun to do with my friends year after year.”  Without the pressure of a sport such as football or basketball with hundreds of eyes watching your every move, tennis allows students to have fun in a chill, laid back environment.  Having a place where boys can go, have fun and not worry about the anxious life of a highschooler is what makes GHS tennis so unique.

Taking a gander across the parking lot, a whole new world of tennis is unlocked.  Where new friends are made, where teammates become rivals, and where memories are made. When asked how his experience from GHS tennis has been, new-to-GHS Colin Nguyen commented on his experience,”I love Grandville tennis already, being able to meet new people and play a sport I love is the best!”  This shows that even being involved for a few short months, Grandville Tennis brings people together and fosters lasting friendships.  

Want to join the action?   Well, if you are a male GHS student with no fall sports in your schedule, pick up a racket and get to serving!  Tennis is full of light hearted goofy individuals that all share a love for the game, always looking for new faces to see after school.  Furthermore, the actual game of tennis is generally simple and easy to pick up, hence why so many people play it at such an old age.  

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