The Importance of WALC – By: Curisa Kopko (12)

Women’s Athletic and Leadership Club (WALC) is a club at Grandville High School that promotes the empowerment of women. WALC not only focuses on encouraging female athletes and non athletes, but also strives to create an all around better atmosphere for women at school and throughout the community. The club’s monthly meetings focus on educating girls at GHS about their strength and the importance of unity. “It’s so important for young girls to know how important supporting each other is,says Mrs. Peterson, one of WALC’s advisers. Along with Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Koza is another adviser. The two aim to teach women in our community about strength and leadership. 

The goal of this club is to empower females and educate them about prevalent issues in our society. These issues include body image, mental health, strength, and more. “WALC has helped a lot of girls with self confidence. One thing that has stuck out to me was learning about how having muscles is beautiful and feminine,” states Carly McCrumb, a member for four years. The club has a huge influence on our community. The influence is seen daily throughout our school, especially in women’s athletics. In addition to the impact being seen by students at GHS, visitors and parents can also see the club’s significance when they come to athletic games. Varsity basketball captain, Lauren Goodyear says, “I’ve found myself going to more female sporting events, including the ones that I wouldn’t have thought about going to before. These athletes need to know that they’re supported too.” In addition, the impact is also seen throughout the many activities that WALC participates in. For example, many people throughout the school have donated items such as feminine products, makeup bags, and mascara wands to help the community. 

WALC is a club that is vital in today’s society. Women always need to know that they’re supported and could always use help being uplifted and WALC encourages this. Senior cheer captain, Ellie Irwin, states, “At times it can be discouraging when people say that cheer isn’t a real sport, but I use what I have learned from WALC to overcome the challenges and keep working hard.” It’s important for girls to know they are always supported and how to keep moving when life may be rough. This club teaches girls how to maintain a positive mindset to keep pushing through challenges. Chloe Schmidt brings up another example of the impression WALC has left, “In society, there is much more publicity for men’s sports than women’s. This is true for our school too. WALC helps there to be more people at female athletic events.” Because of the bigger crowds at these events, WALC makes females feel more uplifted. Having a little extra support can make a huge difference.

WALC is a great way for students to leave an impact on the community. New members are always welcome and encouraged at WALC! This club is open to anyone, including both males and females. By participating in this club, students can help to create a better school environment for all of the students here at Grandville High School!

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