The GHS Impact – By: Chloe Beatty (12)

Throughout  the years of being at Grandville, it has been made very clear that this community of people make such an impact on the students and staff. So much goes into everything that has been held for Grandville’s events. Other than sporting events, there have been many volunteering opportunities as well. Victory Day is a huge one that people throughout the Grandville community participate in.  LINKS teacher, Dan Jakubowski, has put on Victory Day for  years now. Victory Day takes place in the fall on a Saturday morning on the football field with the GHS cheer teams and football teams. All of the LINKS students involved with the Grandville community come out and play a game of football. Bringing everyone together is such a huge goal and a necessity at Grandville High School. 

Head Football Coach and teacher, Eric Stiegel, has helped make such a huge impact on the community.  Stiegel explain that, “The community is special to me because they have passion and care about all aspects of our school district. They support the students academically, athletically, and in other extracurriculars. Grandville is so different from other schools because the people that make up our community are willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes for the students to have a great experience.” Most schools don’t have that kind of passion and support that Grandville does. When the Bulldog Stadium lights up on a Friday night it creates an environment unlike any other. Everyone in the community has a stake in Friday night football games working together to support each other. 

Sports are a important thing Grandville takes pride in and it has a huge impact on the students. Football player alumni Daeshawn Lampkin says, “The best events I have experienced are the ones in the stadium on the football field. The Friday night football games with the crowd hyping us all up is undescribable. It’s amazing.” From being on sports teams many experience the best memories they will always remember. Daeshawn also shared that if he was not involved in the community that he would not be the man he is today. From being in football it has given him friends that he considers family and wouldn’t change that for the world.  

Coming from middle school into high school can be scary, especially being a freshman on a varsity team at Grandville High School. The school takes pride in their very successful sports teams. Charli Sanchez has experienced that first hand. Although it’s scary it also is one of the best things ever. Charli states, “I think I could honestly say that I could not really see myself participating in sports outside of the ones that take place through the school. I’ve always thought what sports would be like if I went to a different school and how much different the environment would be.” Being in Grandville sports is such an honor and prideful thing to be able to say you are a part of something so amazing. Being in Grandville’s community and sports gives off a huge feeling of togetherness and involvement. “No matter what sport you are a part of, you feel like you are all connected in some way and that is so special to me.” 

Grandville’s services (programs, academics, and extra curriculars) have been shaping students from day one. Not just in education, but in many other life skills we need to live our day to day life. Former student, Cal Kryska explains, “Grandville’s services have taught me to have pride in myself and where I’ve come from. I take pride in being a bulldog and feel that it’s carried over into other aspects of my life, and given me confidence to complete any task thrown my way.”  Taking away bigger things than just making sure you have good grades is something that Grandville pushes for, for each and every student. Being a part of Grandville’s  community is something so special. It shows the community how much of a privilege it is to be a part of something greater than ourselves. The camaraderie of this community is something that won’t be found anywhere else.

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