The Football Factor and What it is Doing to GHS Students – Paige Crame (12)

We can all agree that the year 2020 has been more than crazy with explosions, floods, wildfires, the death of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd, the list does not end but one of the big things that has changed our world has been the corona virus outbreak. This virus has affected many around the world and many in schools. Last year the class of 2020 went through a lot, their whole entire graduation ceremony was postponed and they didn’t get to go to their senior prom. Many things change so fast for all of the students and it is disappointing because your senior year is supposed to be one of the biggest and most important times in high school. The struggle this year for the students of 2021 is missing out on their senior year football games and many other events. Since there is no student section and more regulations, the games will not be the same. Troy Snyder says that “Friday night lights turn your week amazing” and many students would agree with him. The beginning of the school year is the most exciting time for students because of games, homecoming, spirit week, holidays and so much more but due to covid we have to miss out on all of that. Going to school and not having anything to look forward to can be very draining to many students, not just the seniors. 

Former football player, Rickie Ward, says “Having a loud crowd is one of the most energizing things when you’re playing.” This year there’s going to be a much smaller crowd at games and this is a drastic change for the players because big crowds at games have been a yearly tradition since anyone could remember. It is the time where the school and community can come together and enjoy each other’s company while watching the game. It’s not just the parents in the crowd but the students take up a good portion of the stands. Anthony Taylor, one of the current football players says that “ Some players use the crowd as motivation.” So the big question is, should we still be allowed to have a student section, even with regulations? When asking a former cheerleader, Jane Durham, she said “no I don’t think so because what’s stopping us from having a normal season now is people not using masks and staying safe. Everyone can spread it so we need to stop it before it causes the rest of the year to go down hill as well.” This is very ture, although if we could possibly make it work, it’s just going to bring the risk of us missing out on the rest of our year.

All of this is important because everyone wants the football players to have as much of a normal season as possible. So the players need to have their time and this goes for all the sports as well, not just football. There are many things that we are going to have to give up to keep everyone safe, it may not be something that everyone wants to do but it’s just the best thing anyone can do for right now. Jordynn Bergman, a current cheerleader, says “ I love seeing everyone dress up for the themes at games.” Even though students can’t go to the games this year,  GHS is still doing the themes at school and everyone can participate in that. School is something that can be very hard for everyone in their own way, it’s important that students have fun things to look forward to. Even though this year is going to be hard, students should all just stay positive and how for the better. As of Oct. 14th GHS is allowing 125 students at games.

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