Silenced Stadium – By: Sofia Jacobus (12)

Growing health concerns have spread throughout the United States and the world. We as a society have been urged that the one thing that is going to keep us healthy is distance, but when they say distance sometimes that means more than just people. It can mean distance from the things we love, distance from life how we knew it. Life as we knew it was when fall rolls around it’s football season. That means spirit weeks, pep assemblies, homecoming, and all that coming with it. All these things we cherish because it’s rallying around your school with your peers. Recently, after a long debate of would it happen or wouldn’t it we got word from NHSSA telling us to follow with Governor Whitmers latest mandate we have to distance ourselves from everything we thought it was going to be like and grasp how it is going to be. 

This organization briefs us on the latest updates on how we can help slow the spread of Covid-19. The latest update told us we needed to stay six feet apart or wear masks when we cannot do the prior. Everyone at GHS is affected heavily when we got word that our football season would be taken away.Then got a different message that the sport could proceed, but with little to no fans, Football season is a big part of the high school experience. Senior Max Jacobus states “It’s a huge deal, especially to seniors.” Principal Adam Lancto adds, “For me, it’s been hard not to imagine the stadium packed with students and parents.”

The impact these decisions have made are a prevalent topic among many students at Grandville High School. Now these decisions have already been made, but I still wanted to hear if there was anything students here at Grandville High School would change or improve upon.GHS senior Madison Loyd states her opinion as, “I would allow at least the upperclassmen to go to the games or only the high schoolers and parents because it is our school and our seniors last year”. Someone who is a little more involved in these football games is Dawg Boy and senior Brendan Hunt his response was short and straight to the point. “I’d change everything about what we’re doing.”

There are a lot of emotions and confusion during this time. Though at this point in time there are limited access to games there are ways to stay connected to these events. Mr. Parsons and Mr. Kleinheksel have made it possible for students, family, and the Grandville community to live stream the games. We as a community need to run with what we’re given and come together as a community to make it better for everyone.

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