Senior Year with Covid-19 – By: Paige Barrett

The anticipation builds every year leading up to senior because it is the year every student can’t wait for. There is always so much excitement for 2021 senior year. This year is very  different because Covid-19 took away senior year. Students would have been able to experience their last prom, homecoming, football games, and so much more. Those events are changing by the minute and more students are able to go to football games. Seniors get to sign up and get tickets first before any other students. “My expectations are really low, I don’t get my hopes up that anything is going to happen like it normally did,” comments senior Sofia Vazguez. Senior year is definitely different this year with so many events cancelled that students, especially seniors, were looking forward to. 

Seniors everywhere had some parts of their last year of highschool taken away. Covid has ruined many of the students’ plans for their senior year including sports, clubs, college visits, etc. “I was looking forward to finally being able to go to football games as a senior,” says senior Kaylee Scott. Students get excited to go to football games as a senior and now 125 students can go to the football games. Much has changed and won’t go back to normal for a while making this year more stressful for some seniors.

Most seniors chose to do school in person. When asked why they chose to do school in person senior Alyssa Flak says, “Being at school in person allows me to see my friends on a daily basis, interact with my teachers more, and overall it just gives me more of a sense of purpose than if I were to be sitting at home in front of a computer.” 

Although a lot of seniors choose to go to school in person there are some that choose to attend school online. For some students doing school online can benefit them but that isn’t the only reason for choosing to do online. Some students choose to do school online because they don’t want to get Covid or they know someone who is at risk to get it and more likely to get sick. Senior Ella Limbers says, “I wouldn’t do virtual school if Covid wasn’t here.” There are many people that are still worried about getting Covid even though masks are being worn because they could expose other people to the virus or get it themselves.

So many seniors were excited for senior year and imagined what it would be like. Covid took away most of the excitement of senior year and drastically changed what every senior thought their senior year would look like. There is so much that has changed. One year ago no one would have thought senior year would look like this. Covid ruined the way seniors had envisioned what their last year of high school would look like. However, many students are trying to make the best out of this bad situation. “I’ve learned that nothing can really be expected and to just be flexible. It is going to be up to us, the seniors, to make it as memorable as possible even despite some things COVID has brought about. After all, it isn’t really what we do with our time at GHS, it is who we get to spend it with,” exclaims senior Grace Fryer.

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