Changes to GHS – By: Sagar Ghorsai (12)

  By- Sagar Ghorsai (12)

Governor Whitmer of Michigan released a document called Road Map To Opening to those schools who were looking forward to opening in the fall of 2020. The document contained plans to reopening schools which also included new changes, rules and regulations. One of the changes was the hallways policy, where there are now signs that show us to go a certain way. “It is designed to control the flow of traffic and have less face to face interaction,” says Mr.Kennedy. People have taken the change in different ways whether feeling as if it’s useless or beneficial. The hallways signs have also affected the staff around the school. “It makes me always aware of the situation and alert,” says Mr.Breazeale. Changes to the school due to Covid19 have affected everyone including other schools and it’s crucial to not think that we are alone.

The new hallway rules impact GHS greatly. Adapting to the new hallway policy can be harder for seniors than freshmen. “Freshmen will probably embrace these changes more than seniors because the seniors already have three years experience in the school,” claims Mr.Breazeale. Senior Nathan Graham agreed to this when he exclaims, “It does affect the seniors more than the freshmen, they have been in the school longer than us.” Shasta Mitchell, a freshman, also agrees, “It is true, us freshmen weren’t here as long as the seniors so it will be easier for us to adapt to this than the seniors.”Although the changes affect everyone, it will affect seniors or people who have been working at GHS for a long time more because this is so different.

Everyone has different reactions to the hallway signs, close to all of the students follow them and only a few do  not. Students who aren’t following the signs believe that it is annoying and not useful. “It’s annoying and hard to move,” says one student who believes that the changes with the floor signs aren’t useful. Miguel Mar-Pulido, a senior disagrees,”It’s better to be annoyed than sick,” he says. While we have people that don’t follow the rules, we also have people like Miguel who want to follow the new policy. 

With the new changes come questions such as if they will have the new hallways signs like that forever but only future will tell but as of the moment everyone including the staff are trying to have the school open and it is best if the students follow the new rules for their safety and for the safety of others. People also ask if there is any pressure on the school for being shut down which Mr Keneddy comment “There is no pressure on the school as of now, there are less sick people and we have plans if the school does shut down.”

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