Senior Year! – By: Jasanti Divers 


“Don’t count the days. Make the days count” Senior Marquice Fields says. Senior year is a year that you are supposed to remember forever. Waiting three years for your turn will make it all worth it. Being the top dawg of the school can come with a lot of benefits that the lower classes don’t get. Leaving for lunch, senior all night party, no exams, and many more things to look forward to senior year. Senior Jaydon Vandusen said “ we have earned the rights to have these privileges since freshman year. It is only fair. 

As a freshman students get the minimum amount of privileges. First year of highschool students are new to everything and unsure but grandville bulldogs are accepting of anything given to you. First year high school students are allowed to participate in homecoming and snowcoming dances. Second year, the same privileges still apply but the excitement for the next two years increases like crazy. Junior year comes quickly. Not only homecoming and snowing but prom is added, being able to perform in a powder puff game, and time to prepare yourself for the best year of your life. “ I cannot wait to be a senior ” Chloe Beatty states. The year all students wait for senior year! Last year in high school the privileges are endless: able to leave the lunch room, no exams second semester, able to be caption on a sports team, all night party, getting outta school earlier than the rest, performing in a powder puff game, taken senior pictures and the bragging rights of being a senior. Senior Emily Terrell states “Now that I am a senior it is crazy how the benefits we get changed as you move up a grade”. Most students realize that they are only in highschool for four years so they need to make every minute count. 

Having senior benefits have impacted Grandville High School in so many ways. When there are things to look forward to in the school year, it can help decrease many peoples’ senioritis. Senior benefits give seniors something to earn and work for. It teaches them patience and motivation. The little benefits seniors are amazing and many feel that they are able to decrease behavioral issues and can speed up the school year. Many might not know but being a senior gives the slightest bit of self confidence without you knowing. Seniors love these benefits because they feel special and  different from the rest of the grades.


Upcoming seniors or seniors now can get more involved to learn things about these privileges. “ Senior year is a year I will remember forever. I am in college now and I reminisce on my days back in highschool,” GHS grad Bryce Gable says.

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