Elevators at GHS – By: Sam McIntyre

“Wait, we have elevators in our school?”

Unless you’ve had to use the elevators at school, you might not know what they are for or that they even exist. The two elevators here at school can serve a vital role if the stairs aren’t a possibility. Students and administration with injuries, along with those who are challenged to go up and down the stairs due to various reasons, see them as a lifesaver. “I just don’t think people really know what they are for,” explained Nevin Hooper (11) when sharing his story on the knowledge of the elevators at school. 


“Why are they even here?”
School nurse, Ms. Kush, states that the elevators “serve a lot larger purpose than most would realize” for her job. For instance, a medical emergency on the second floor would be a lot more difficult (though not impossible) to get to if the elevators weren’t present. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t make sense for a student on crutches, a scooter, or in a wheelchair to take the stairs. Paramedics see the elevators not only as an easier route but as a source of privacy when tending to someone who needs medical attention during school, a place where everyone’s eyes aren’t staring. 

An elevator in the mall by yourself wouldn’t be a big deal, but an unfamiliar school one might make a student a little uncomfortable. When a student is injured most teachers will allow a friend to help the student carry their bags if it is difficult for them to do it by themselves. It also gives the student a sense of peace knowing they don’t have to be alone in the hallways or elevators alone, Nick Marsman (11) agreed that, “it was nice to have someone help me when I couldn’t do stuff myself.”


“I might just use the elevator so I don’t have to walk up the stairs.” 

Unless you’re in need of the elevators service or helping a friend who needs it, the school advises that you take the stairs instead. The elevators should be strictly for the use of those who need them for a medical reason. They aren’t just something to use for fun or when you want to avoid the stairs. “Without the elevator I physically would not have been able to get to class,” said Brooke Bernt (11) when asked how they helped during her injury sophomore year. It would’ve been a lot more difficult to get to class on time if other students, who didn’t need the elevator, were not using it as a “fun” way to get around GHS.

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