Be a Grandville Champion – By: Leah Rieger

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Everyone thinks of someone when they hear the word “champion”. Most likely a celebrity or famous athlete came to their mind first. Although that person is probably a champion, think smaller. Think about people seen in everyday life; people at school, work, and wherever else. Every single person can be a champion in something in their life. 

At Grandville High School “Grit.” is the main motto; grit is the passion and perseverance to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Staff and administration work hard in order to achieve their goals and inspire students to do so as well. By working hard and achieving goals students are able to become champions at school. 

Grit is shown by the champions that are all over GHS. Not only in athletics but in all areas of the school. Students work very hard to be successful in their athletics and academics. However, as a school more support needs to be shown. Alexa Funk says “The school needs to be more united as a whole to create an overall better environment.” Part of being a champion is supporting others with their goals. Mrs. Callender, the girls cross country coach, states, “As a coach of a sport that needs more spectators, we need to support each other even with the smaller sports and other competitions such as band, science olympiad, and robotics.”

According to google a champion is a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals or fights for a cause on behalf of someone else. What does a champion mean to you? 

A champion to Mackenzie Desantis is “to work hard and achieve goals with obstacles in the way.” A champion can mean something different to everyone. “A champion is someone who always strives for excellence and who wants their teammates to be successful as well.” stated Mrs. Callender. A champion in Alexa Funk’s eyes is “someone who goes through hardship to reach their goals.” To James Jastifer a champion “is someone who works very hard to achieve their goals.” Although their definitions are not the exact same, they have the same ideas. A champion should work hard and overcome obstacles to achieve excellence. 

A challenge for everyone as they continue their journey throughout high school and life is to strive to be a champion as well as think of the people close to them as champions. Everyone has the potential to be a champion. Go find the champion in everyone!

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