YOU Need to Get Involved with UNICEF! – By: Rajshri Patel

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Want to help an organization in need? UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) works with children by giving them rights, education, food, shelter, etc to make sure that their needs are up to full potential. UNICEF works over 140 countries to help children all over the world.

The organization was created in 1946 to provide emergency food and healthcare to children around the world who had been devastated by World War II. As food and healthcare to children were provided to people, the organization started getting popular. “Not just UNICEF, just other organizations like the World Food Program are helping children to provide things” states Vu Nyguen.

During the 1960s, UNICEF focused on helping children. Children’s rights to education, food, clothing, and healthcare, but also noticed the struggle that women were facing and launched the “Women in Development Program” project which specifically focused on women’s empowerment and how it has changed from the past to the present. 

Even young people around the world are speaking out and taking leadership roles to help out children. By campaigning at local high schools, protesting, and staying active in their communities, the word is spreading out. “Even Kids Food Basket are helping out children in need” states Jallissia Tucent. In 2014, UNICEF USA launched UNICEF kid power giving American kids the chance to help children and going on rescue missions. 

Since the war in Syria has been going on for so long, UNICEF has been assisting those in need and over 1 million families. UNICEF claims, “Syria is now the world’s biggest producer of both internally displaced people and refugees”.

There are so many ways that a person can help UNICEF. Donating, having UNICEF high school clubs, volunteering, going on rescue missions and joining projects. Helping out UNICEF will help children get their full potential for the future.

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