Pacsun Review – By: Marty Rodriguez

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Have you ever wanted to dress like your favorite celebrity, but the clothes they have on are way too expensive? Pacsun is a clothing brand based out of California that sells the most relevant brands and is always up to date with the newest trends and fashion styles.

Pacsun was first founded in September 1982 by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore, in a small surf shop in Seal Beach, California. They started out selling surfer brands and products, but they later expanded to sell skater brands, and streetwear labels. Pacsun stores are located all around. In and around Grandville there are a total of 3 stores, in Michigan there are 22 stores, and in the United States there are a total of 600 Pacsun stores

Pacsun is an easy store to access, like any other clothing retail store anyone can walk inside and purchase anything that you enjoy. The atmosphere of Pacsun is like no other, the workers are friendly and positive, and they talk to customers like friends rather than money makers. The music that is played really gives the place a positive vibe as well. The quality of the clothing really depends on the price. The cheap t-shirts are very thin and feel like any t-shirt anyone could get at walmart, but the expensive items are very nice quality, and everyone gets their  money’s worth with their sweatshirts, or expensive pants. The service was good, workers greet right at the door and constantly check up to see if help is needed. My experience in Pacsun was a positive experience. Everyone was very nice, and the way the store is layed out, it made it very easy to find what I needed. 

The closest Pacsun in Grandville, Michigan is located in the Rivertown Crossings Mall, all you have to do is drive there and walk inside. All products are easily displayed, and Pacsun accepts  card, or cash. So when that relevant style is needed, but do not know where to start looking, stop at Pacsun, and will walk away with the most trendy outfits, and good service from their employees.

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