New Year, New Coach – By: Maddie Gkekas 


Former Aquinas Assistant Basketball Coach Lindsey Kapowicz, starts her first year as head varsity coach at her alma mater, Grandville High School. After a rough few years, Karpowitz is ready to get the Bulldogs back on top. She comments, “Coaching is in my blood, i’m excited to see what the future holds! ” 

Lindsay was a member of the women’s basketball team and the women’s track team at Aquinas, where she was a two time All-American in the discus. Prior to attending Aquinas College, Karpowicz was an athlete at Grandville High School.  She was an All-State and All-Conference player and was also the team captain. Karpowicz graduated with a Business Administration degree with a concentration in marketing. She also had minored in exercise science and coaching. She is currently a Sports Specialist at the YMCA.  

Senior, Emily Terrell, expresses, “We have the potential to be good, we just have to figure out how to work together as a team to win games.” Karpowitz has been working with the girls since summer, trying to prepare them for the competition they will face this season. Linsday and her team spend a lot of time working with the youth, her goal is to teach the lower levels ker knowledge while they’re young so they can be better prepared for the varsity level when they get there. 

Karpowitz’s coaching style has really been a step up from previous years. She pushes her players to play to their full potential, and coaches them to the next level of highschool basketball. She expects her players to give two things, effort and communication. Lindsay goes on to say, “Our record does not reflect on how good we really are, we have lost some really close games with some of the toughest teams in the OK Red.” 

After last season, girls started dropping like flies. The senior class now only has five seniors who have continued on to the varsity level. Former player, Amanda Hallenbeck states, “If I had known Coach Karp was really going to be a step up from previous coaching, I would’ve considered playing this year.” The program really seems to love the new coaching style Karpowitz brings to the table, even JV coach, Dean Holzwarth. Dean says, “Linsday is here to stay, there is no doubt in my mind that the program is only going up from here.” 

If anybody is interested in playing basketball, contact or visit the GHS Athletic Office for more details.

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