Making a Dent – By: Sadie Zrimec

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“I think it’s a vital message that needs to be spread,” says pharmacy tech and parent, Jennifer Zrimec. She is referring to the company working for cause called “The Greater Good”. The Greater Good website is a base website for multiple organizations that support charities and nonprofits. All of these separate organizations are owned by The Greater Good. Each organization has a wide variety of products that people can buy and that money will go towards the cause that that organization is supporting. So people can basically choose what organization/cause they would like support. The organizations sell products anywhere from jewelry, footwear, clothing, or home goods. The Greater Good website also offers an option called “click to give, it’s free!” Which is what funds 24 of their top programs. Each program has an article and description about the cause where you can then choose to donate towards that particular cause.  

The heart of The Greater Goods mission is to help people, pets, and the planet, and to support the charities that also support those organizations. The website has celebrated their 20th year anniversary supporting non profits. The Greater Good has many separate headquarter locations throughout the world to spread their incredible work. College student, Ellie Zrimec reports, “I think they do a really nice job spreading their message to all walks of life and show support for all kinds of problems the world is facing.” 

The Greater Good website has funded more than $60 million in donations. This goes to show that this organization has made a massive dent in the community. The website stretches out to everyone possible to make a difference and leaves no one left out. The organizations that The Greater Good owns and supports are, The Animal Rescue Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Veterans Site, The Alzheimer’s Site, The Diabetes Site, The Literacy Site, The Autism Site, The Rainforest Site, The Hunger Sitem The Earth Site, and Freekibble. 

Elementary school teacher and parent, Steve Zrimec states, “I work in an environment with a lot of kids, who are eager to help in any way they can, even if they can’t offer the organizations money.”  The site offers hundreds of ways to get involved and sends a message to everyone, that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, there is always room to help in countless ways no matter what income level or age.

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