Love Your Melon – By: Amber Welch

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“15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year” states Love Your Melon owners, Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller. Founded in 2012, Love Your Melon beanies were created in Minnesota, in order to spread positivity and happiness to cancer patients. Along with beanies, they sell headbands, scarves, and blankets.Their products are guaranteed to be comfortable and stylish for all consumers. By buying their products, it gives 50% of the profit to programs such as, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Beat NB, CureSearch For Children’s Cancer, and Make A Wish, that help children and families battling cancer. 

Love Your Melon “began with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America” states Love Your Melon owners. Zachary and Brian, began selling beanies outside a family’s restaurant and it quickly took off. The owners of Love Your Melon had always loved the idea of buy one give one from Tom’s shoes. They have now adapted a similar idea from Tom’s, where anyone can “request a hat” for a child in need or even “send a smile” to a child needing some encouraging, kind-hearted words. According to Love Your Melon webpage,  “173,679 beanies” have been given and “6,214,565 dollars given”. 

Products on there website range from $30-$95, “Cheap no, but since its for a good cause, I would consider buying a product” responded new customer, Ayden Rycenga. Although the prices may seem a little high for a beanie, “it is great quality, the hat is lined, the poof ball is able to take off and doesn’t get all matted when washed” comments Susan Cunningham-Peterson. The hats are manufactured and knitted with 100% cotton and guaranteed to last for a long time.

  If interested in purchasing a Love Your Melon product go to or in Woodland Mall where they can be found “in ALTAR’D STATE, Von Maur and Dry Goods” adds customer Susan Cunningham-Peterson, in order to help support childhood cancer. Another, previous customer of Love Your Melon, Britten Glupker shares that she got a Love Your Melon beanie as a Christmas gift, “I did not know much about the company until I received the beanie and was given more info about the company and a sticker within the packaging. I knew it was going towards a good cause but I did not know what organization. They were cute and comfy and going to a good cause so I bought a second one, good cause and a good product it’s a win-win.” 



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