Blankets for the Homeless – By: Rickie Ward

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¨I think it’s a great cause that can really restore humanity into the world,̈ says parent Josina VanEss. She is referring to the company Sackcloth & Ashes. This company is a small ray of sunshine in a cloud of gray. There are many homeless people out there but not very many companies that give back to the homeless. This company sells blankets to the public.  For every blanket sold, they donate one blanket to a local homeless shelter local to the purchaser. They donate based on zip code. For example if a person lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they buy a blanket, Sackcloth and Ashes will donate a blanket to a shelter in Grand Rapids. 

Bob Dalton created this company in 2013 because he wanted to give back to the homeless but most importantly because his very own mother was homeless during that time.  He contacted his local homeless shelters to see what they needed most and they all said blankets. On June 1st, 2018 Sackcloth & Ashes launched its first major campaign called Blanket The United States. The campaign was declared a success and formed the goal to donate ONE MILLION blankets to homeless shelters by 2024.

This company has allowed homeless people to stay warm in times of need all around the world. It shows that communities really do care about their people. High school student, Sadie Zrimec, has a few words to spread about the company, ̈these days you don’t see a lot of recognition for people who struggle so much. It’s refreshing to see a company show so much love.¨  The company also partners with other organizations who also contribute to giving back to society. 

̈Your donation will help our shelter save approximately $500 on blankets and will allow us to serve 50 clients.  Your follow-up and authenticity has not been matched and for that I am grateful,̈ Bob Dalton thanks his supporters. This company makes it clear that every little bit helps no matter what amount. Just spreading awareness to this problem in the real world makes a difference. But the people that go above and beyond to buy a blanket, truly make the biggest dent in the cause. 

Check it out!

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