Year Four


By: Madelyn Dodge

“You are on the threshold of your future and of all of your possibilities.” – Ben Bernstein. Soon enough, the Grandville class of 2020 will be heading out in completely different directions. Even though everyone started together in one place, Grandville High School, and may end in another, together the class of 2020 have grown and learned as one in the halls of GHS for the past four years. 

Since freshman year, the most vital parts of a student’s day is spent in school, especially High School students. From studying after school, homework, sports practices/games and extra curriculars, the majority of the time awake for students 9-12, are at school, making that school a huge part of shaping the student and making them into who they are today. When Mr. Lancto, the principle of GHS, was asked what the biggest lesson he hopes is left on the class of 2020 he stated, “I hope they learned that setbacks are temporary and often the most growth comes from failure.” and also “…that no matter where they go they have a support system here at GHS from the teachers, administrators, and support staff.”  However from a student’s perspective the answers all revolve around the same idea, kindness. Reese Frankhouser claims the biggest thing GHS has taught her is to “not take what others say to heart…everyone has bad days.” Jackie Sundstrom also claims the biggest thing she learned was to “…leave what YOU want to be left behind, people will remember how you made them feel.” 

Over the four years most students are in high school, a lot changes since freshman year. Friend groups expand, maturity is gained, and many lessons are learned. Together, the class of 2020 has grown and matured together throughout their time at GHS.  It’s a given that most people will mature since freshman, but the question his how? The class of 2020, “have all as a class matured a lot since freshman year, we have all grown together into one big friend group. Whether it be talking to the people classes that we wouldn’t normally talk to, or saying hi in the hallways to random people, we seem to have a really cool bond with each other.” Keara Gearing states. Grandville High School seniors have done a lot to grow their bond as a class such as a senior bonfire and senior skating party held on by the senior executive board, and plan to have many more senior only events throughout the school year.

Another part of growth is maturity and seniority. Seniors are who the lowerclassmen look up to, meaning the seniors need to be able to set a prime example for the students GHS. Mr. Lancto and Mrs. Rohbrahn both agree the seniors need to not only show proper edicate in the halls, but be willing to stand in. Many students don’t care as much when an administrator tells them they are doing something wrong, however when it comes from a student, “… it is very powerful and impactful because people do not want to let their peer groups down” Mr. Lancto states. Other than taking harder classes, and maybe growing a few inches, it’s hard to identify what truly makes a student feel like a senior. Seniority is so much more than senioritis, and getting to stand on the rail at football games, “It’s taking initiative, setting an example, and finding who you truly are” claims Keara Gearing. 

Leaving the place you’ve grown up, and made so many memories at is hard. So the seniors of GHS want to leave the freshman class with this advice, “Get to know your classmates. I have met some of the funnest people in my classes that I probably wouldn’t normally hang out with, and I have grown pretty close to a lot of them. I almost feel like there is a stigma against talking to new people, but I promise that it will pay off”  states Keara Gearing. Along with that Jackie Sundstrom wants to remind freshman once again to , “Leave what YOU want to be left behind, people will remember how you made them feel, just be nice.”

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