Winter Stress in the GHS Parking Lot

By: Sadie Zrimec

unnamed (5)

“I think the school could possibly do a better job clearing the parking lots and sidewalks,” says student senior, Rickie Ward. He is referring to the issue on the conditions of the GHS parking lot during the winter. This topic has grown in discussion year after year, and the students are concerned. The rundown is, during the winter, the parking lot at Grandville High School is considered, from the students perspective, to be icy, and possibly dangerous. 

Students report to have either slipped and fallen, or damaged their car on the slick road. Madi Schultz, senior student at GHS has reported, “I fell pretty hard getting out of my car and hit my head on the car door.” She also includes, “I was in the parking lot, turning a corner at a normal speed, and my car hit a curb, which caused me to have to fix a broken rim.” She is one of many students that have disclosed getting injured and cars getting damaged. It’s clear that the parking lot needs a lot of attention during the winter months. 

Last year, the winter of 2018-2019 was more extreme than usual. Because of this, the students struggled to adapt to the weather. Assistant Principal of Grandville High School, Mr. Kennedy reported, “Last year was a legitimate concern for us, we had trouble keeping up with all of the snow. In fact we ran out of salt in the building, we just didn’t have any more.” The students seem to be under the impression that administration is not willing to take action with this problem. Many students comment on how they don’t notice the parking lot or sidewalks being salted or plowed, but this is not the case. Due to the extreme conditions, the attention the parking lot is getting is hard to notice because the conditions get so bad, so quickly. For example, Alana Priest who says, “I rarely notice that the parking lot is salted or plowed.” When looking deeper into this matter, it seems as though there are things going on behind the scenes administration is doing, that the students are not aware of. 

Mr. Kennedy discloses, “We have a team that goes out early in the morning that determines if the roads and sidewalks are safe to be on, but we can’t control freak situations, there was a time last year when salt was applied three times but it would just keep freezing.” Students are not aware of the precautions administration takes, it is not something that is openly shared.  Mr. Kennedy reveals, “We don’t make these decisions lightly, we put in a lot of time and effort to make the decision to cancel school and make it safe for the students and staff. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we do to keep the students safe, I shoveled the student entry, at least once a day for three weeks straight last year.” 

The students have voiced their overall opinion on the upkeep of the parking lot and sidewalks of the highschool. The parking lot in the winter is a popular topic that is discussed among the students, however, the winter of 2018-2019 was an extreme situation that set the mood for future winters and also increased concern among the students. Students need to keep in mind that there are plenty of explanations and things going on behind the scenes (conducted by administration) that the students have not been exposed to. Administration appears to be doing a lot more than what the students see, like salting and plowing the lots, and putting in personal effort. 


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