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By: Remington Suidinski

A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another team for entertainment according to Oxford, so is dance a sport? On instagram a poll was put out asking my followers if they consider dance to be a real sport. Surprisingly the result showed 76% yes and 24% no. If the public thinks dance is a sport, how come the MHSAA doesn’t consider it a sport, but Grandville High School does? Captain Kaylee Fogelsonger says, “We work just as hard as any other sport, we don’t often get all the attention I think we deserve.” One thing many people don’t know is that we wear 1 pound weights on our wrists and ankles. Captain Abby Hunt says, “ Our weights are very painful and feel like rocks on our arms and legs when we dance.”

 Along with not being a sport, most payments for dance team are out of pocket and roughly $500 dollars a year. The last time new uniforms were purchased was six years ago, Athletic Director Mr. Parsons notes,” The team is very thankful that they are getting new uniforms and poms this year.” Kaylee Fogelsonger says,“A lot comes out of pocket from us and we do fundraising to help offset costs, but it still is a big financial commitment. Our stuff is quite old. I sorted through all of the dance team stuff last year. Thankfully this year we are getting brand new uniforms and poms.” Sophomore Carlee Cawthon adds,” We’d love to show off our new uniforms and poms outside of the basketball halftime, but sadly we don’t have any student support at our local competitions.” Just like any other sport, the team as a whole said they have their rivals and would love a student section to come cheer the team on. 

Why don’t students go to dance team competitions, is it because no one is informed about the information or are people just not interested? In the past the dance team has gone to The Palace where the Detroit Pistons Play which is equivalent to state in any other school sports. The girl did win the whole competition and got to perform at the Pistons basketball halftime. This year the team plans on putting more information out there about their competitions in hopes of having more student supporters. Everyone enjoys the guy/ girl dance at the homecoming assembly and the half time show at basketball games, so why don’t more students come and enjoy some dance competitions this season? Let’s start a new tradition, Dawgs! Go support the GHS Varsity Dance Team. 

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