The Best Spot at the Football Game is NOT in the Stands!

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By: Marty Rodriguez

Every Friday night 540 high school varsity football teams in Michigan put their tail on the line to be called “State Champs” in October. Cheerleaders aren’t the only people that are cheering on these teams either. Thousands of students attend these games to have the most outgoing student section in the state. In Grandville Michigan, Grandville High School has an exciting student section. These die-hard bulldog fans are attending games 4-5 hours early just to get front row spots on the railing in front of the student section. This railing is a tradition to most, but why is this spot, that has no seats, a prized possession to senior students? 

Senior students from Grandville have given their similar ideas on why this railing is so important. “Because its a senior tradition, for years and years we have wanted the rail,” states Spencer Parks a Senior at GHS. Ever since students were allowed to sit in the student section they have wanted the rail. Natalie Flesser explained “Ever since I was a freshman I wanted to be down in front, it’s front row seats… the best seats in the student section.” The students seem to all think the same about the railing, but what about the football players that the students cheer on? Max Mingee, part of the Grandville Varsity Football team comments, “Because the football team is very amazing…” he said, “and the railing means more than just a spot.” It’s for the die hard fans that want to feel apart of the game

Is it really worth it for seniors to get to the field super early for the railing? “Yes, because you get the front.” Natalie responded. Other seniors agree because then can see the game better. “No, because other people don’t have time to be there right after school,” Eli VanDam said. To some, it is worth going really early for the spot, but to other seniors they would rather wait untill it gets closer to game time. If 4-5 hours is too early for the spot, then what time is a good time to get by the amazing rail? According to Max “6:00, an hour is plenty of time to get a seat.” 


The true importance of the rail explains why these students are attending so early and makes others understand why these football fans are so dedicated to a seatless spot. “The railing means more than just a spot” claims Max Mingee.


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