Parking Passes

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By: Nathan Frost

“If I were to go out everyday, I bet you I would be able to give out at least twenty tickets a day” explains Mr. Karpowicz the Grandville High School Security Guard. His job is to make sure everyone at GHS is safe and part of that is to make sure everyone has a parking pass. “When students buy parking passes it’s not because the school wants to take your money it’s because we need to make sure who is here and if their supposed to be here,.” States Mr. Karpowicz. When Grandville students buy parking passes it’s for their own safety and makes it easier for the school to find a vehicle in case of an emergency. Students argue that by making the parking passes free then admin can do the same thing as if they were ten dollars because they would still have the identification number on the sticker.  Purchasing a parking pass is not just giving the school money , when students pay the ten dollars all the money goes back into the students such as every student at Grandville having a chromebook and one of the best weight rooms in the state. According to Mr. Karpowicz reducing the cost of the GHS Parking Pass would not make students more likely to buy one, according to Mr. Karpowicz the reason why students don’t buy one when their supposed to is because of the laziness of the students. Mr. Lancto stated that the money toward the parking passes is used towards the parking passes itself and the parking tickets themself, then the rest of the money goes towards a student fund. Mr. Lancto did not specify what the student fund pays for for the students, but Mr. Ngyuen stated that it goes to GHS Spirit Dances and collected for parking passes is used for anything other than activities for GHS students. According to the administration, none of the money is taken by the school for funding just for itself, it all goes back into the students. According to students, many believe that students shouldn’t have to pay for parking passes because they have to attend school. Parking passes have always been a hot topic between schools and students. 

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