Impact of Green Team


By: Saul Sosa

̈Mr. Blevins started a group called the Conservation Club about fifteen years ago, and he invited me to take it over and decided to change the name to The Green Team about seven years ago,̈ states Mr Randall.  I’m guessing a lot of students have not heard of the Green Team and even if they have heard about it they probably don’t know it has been a thing for fifteen years. The Green Team is a group of students and one teacher that care about one of the biggest problems in the world right now and that problem is Climate Change. These students are here to try and help educate students here at Grandville about the problem and what can be done to help reduce the footprints that are left in the ecosystem. 

The Green Team comes up with many projects to make Grandville High School a more eco friendly environment. Their biggest project that they have done at Grandville High School is the change from plastic silverware to actual metal silverware in the cafeteria. Many people were very uncertain about this idea when it was first announced because of the worry about them not being cleaned thoroughly. But, for the whole year that the program has been around it is running very smoothly. Grandville Junior, Sonia Cortes adds “I think they helped reduce the use of plastic in the school.¨ With this change they also made tables with one side being blue labeled as ”plastic” and the other side being red saying “trash.” These new tables have made it easier for students to recycle in the cafeteria because the trash and recycle bins are directly beside each other and they have no excuse not to recycle.

The Green Team coordinates many other projects that many people don’t know about. They go out a lot and do cleanups at beaches, parks, downtown, alongside a local group that is dedicated to planting more trees in Grandville. Their next big event is at Wedgewood Park where they will be planting many trees. These projects that they do don’t only help the environment but if a student at Grandville High School signs up and help they will also get community service hours that are needed to graduate. 

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