Grandville’s Offensive Line

By: Max Mingee


“They are very good, talented, big, and fast” states Spencer Parks, a dedicated fan of Grandville football had to say about the varsity offensive line. Most people don’t understand the job of the o-line but in the wise words of Rickie Ward, Grandville’s Tight End, he explains, “We block for our running backs and lead them to the endzone.” This is exactly what the o-line has been accomplishing this year to make Grandville 5-1. Our 2019 Grandville Offensive line consists of Drew Betteridge, Jackson Buckler, Connor Rigterink, Max Mingee, Justin Phillips, Caden Peters, and Rickie Ward.

 One of the several reasons why this Offensive Line has been showing so much success this year is because of the dedication of the players to continually work to improve. Over the summer our o-line attended every lifting and practice which has helped us to have a great start to our season. According to Jackson Buckler, Grandville’s Left Tackle, he states, “We win games.” In reference to having a highly competitive offensive line we have a high opportunity for success. 

Also a few more reasons Grandville’s Offensive Line is doing very well this year is because of our history on the O-Line. Every player on the offensive line has been playing since 3rd grade or before then. From Caden Peters we see the mindset of the Junior Offensive Tackle while he states, “The main focus is winning the next game.” This mindset greatly impacts how the o-line plays, it causes us to be more focused on the task at hand and keeps our concentration on the next competitor.

Grandville’s head coach Eric Stiegel uses his knowledge and coaching skills to focus on the offensive line. Coach Stiegel states, “ I focus on the O-line because it is the biggest position group in numbers, and the O-line has a huge impact on our teams success and ability to control a game.”  


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