GHS Girls Varsity Soccer

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By: Madi Schultz

“For me, Grandville Soccer is much more than just soccer. You get to play with girls you meet in class, or may have never met, and you just become so close to them,” States Kiersen Korienek. 

Grandville Soccer is a large program, but the coaches want to make it grow and become more well known. A few of the players only remember one or two games where they had a big student section, but they need that encouragement at every game. After losing a lot of seniors the team didn’t have a big turn out at tryouts last year. 

Sofia D’Arienzo’s advice to underclassmen or new girls trying out is “On the first day of tryouts push yourself.” Tryouts for any sport can be very nerve wracking, but if players focus on the way they play the game and try their best, the coaches and others believe Grandville soccer would appreciate anyone on the team. Making varsity is a goal for a lot of players, but it doesn’t mean a player isn’t good if one doesn’t make it as a freshman. Being on varsity has to be earned and there has to be a lot of time and practice put into making it there. Grandville Girls Soccer welcomes everyone to play, and they are very supportive whether a player makes varsity or not. 

Team bonding is important in any sport. It brings the whole team together outside of the sport. Becoming friends off the field is very important. The girls on the team say it has made becoming comfortable on the field easier as well. 

“Team dinners, bus rides, locker room pump up, and the big sleepover.” Kiersen’s fondly remembers.  

“For team bonding, we do team dinners before conference games, and big sister, little sister gift exchange to get to know each other,” Lianna Cullin explains. 

Team bonding is important to our soccer team, and the girls need to get to know each other better off the field so they can play better on the field. Sofia D’Arienzo believes that there could be a bit more bonding between all three teams because the freshman will one day be the varsity team. 

“As a coach, I’m always looking to take on the next great challenge, so I’m always putting new goals on my plate.” Coach Randy Tate said. 

The team has a lot of goals this year, to become better, to win, and to succeed as a team. Coach Randy would like to create a positive sporting culture for the girls this year and overall better the program. 

“The culture. There is a lot of support from our families and the school district for our soccer program.” This is Coach Randy’s favorite part about coaching here at Grandville. 

This program does have a lot of support, but we could always use more. The student section needs to be bigger and louder. Grandville Girls Soccer is a great program to play in, and the Varsity level can be very memorable, even the JV and Freshman teams could use a larger student section. Being on the Grandville soccer team can be a very memorable experience. They grow as a team throughout the years, starting at the freshman level and moving up. 

“The relationships I’ve made with people though Grandville soccer is kind of unmatched. These girls are my favorite people and it’s always been my hardest goodbye when I have to see another group graduate.” Kiersen exclaimed. 

The coaches and some of the girls on the team would love to see a big turn out for tryouts this year. All three of the teams can support each other as well. Joining the soccer program can build friendships, improve soccer skills, and make the time here at Grandville memorable. 


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