Football Game Themes Getting Old?


By: Kassie Ketchum 

“Football themes for the most part are pretty interesting, but they should be changed up to make the games more exciting,” states Cassidy Puhar (11). Football themes have always been a really bit deal at Grandville that football fans have been doing for many years. However some of the football game themes seem to be repeated over and over and sometimes boring. But, there are many reasons that most students don’t know about when it comes to choosing the themes that can be very hard to choose without causing controversy. In fact, there have been many schools in the news lately for participating in theme nights that started with good intentions or weren’t thought through properly and have taken some heat in the media.

Football themes have increased the student involvement at football games over the years. But since they have to follow the dress codes and have to be approved by the administrator, there aren’t many new themes that the cheerleaders can think of doing that the students would enjoy. Students at GHS were asked,  “Do you think we should have different themes every year?” Trent Smith, a junior said “Yes, not the same ones every year.” “Yes, it is good to mix to mix it up sometimes” states Devon Chesla a senior. “Yes, they get boring after a while,” says Jordyn Irish a senior. Rickie Ward, a senior and who is also on the football team said  “Yeah, after a while they start to get boring.” To help remedy this, all GHS students should pay attention to themes they are seeing or hearing about and presenting them to a cheerleader or to administration to see if the idea would be a good addition for GHS.

After interviewing the students, the principal, Mr Adam Lancto was asked a few questions.  “What makes a theme unexceptable “Of course the obvious things, no alcohol, no drugs, no undergarments showing or nothing that gives off a bad impression of the school,” explained Mr. Lancto. These are of course the obvious things just like at a normal day at school. There are many ideas that students have that could be considered as long as they are school appropriate,  follow the school dress code, and it is not offensive, new theme should be allowed at the football games. If you have ideas for next year, speak up!

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