Commitment GHS Football

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By: Rickie Ward

¨They are long and tiring but worth it in the end,̈ says Quarter Back Jaydon Vandeusen. He is referring to all the work the varsity football players put in year round. The football players spend a mojority of there summer working hard wheather thats in the weight room or on the feild, and not everyone is fully aware of how time consuming and hardcore the sport is.

Nate Buss, the left tight end claims that the varsity football team spends roughly around 15-30 hours a week during the summer. Multiple other players, including Max Mingee, who states that “They make me very tired because they are so long and it is so hot.” The team also reported that they feel the practices should be shorter, but more intense. Nate goes on to  claim that practices should be shorter and more intense, referring to all the hot summer practices Coach Tuscan’s, he agrees with many players in that, “ practices could be a little shorter, but can also be a lot more intense.” Is this something that the football coaching would consider and make summer practices a little shorter, but more extreme?

Are team camps an important and great team bonding exercise for the football team? According to Max Mingee starting center ̈ẗhey are demanding but they bring the team together and help the seniors and juniors get along better because of all the bonding we have going on ̈ In a nutshell team camps are all about preparing the players for the upcoming season and they help the players spend more time together while bringing them together at the same time.

Not a lot of people are aware of how trying football practice can be, the team works hard to be successful and to be the best team they can be.   

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