Grandville Varsity Lacrosse at a Crossroads

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By: Spencer Parks (11)

  Want to know more about Grandville’s fastest game on two feet?  The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team at Grandville Highschool is getting a new head coach this year to replace Coach Joe. All the players on the team this year are very excited to start this season. 

The team last year had a challenging season but, almost all of the juniors from last year will be on the team again so they are looking forward to this year. Many returning players from last year had some of their own thoughts. Ross Vanblois says, “I hope the new coach comes in and takes control of the program.”’ In addition, Chase Bidle says, “I want a coach that will work with players based on positions.  Also, a coach that will listen to the player’s feedback and changes things accordingly.” Grandville Lacrosse has two returning coaches, Coach Zach Schnider, and Coach Ryan McCloughan, that know almost all the players very well. Coach Schnider is an experienced offensive coach that knows the game like the back of his hand. Coach McCloughan is the box coordinator that subs players on and off the field.  He also handles the emails to parents, bus times, etc. With a new leadership and the experience of all others involved, the combination will tie this Grandville team together. This is the year that Grandville Lacrosse could really show out. The talent on the team, including the new coach, will really make Grandville Lacrosse a sport to watch.

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The seniors are all looking forward to the season and ready to lead the team to their first conference championship since the first year Grandville had a team.  Gaven Nem states, “This year I think we have the skills, we just need to put the work in” Work ethic is a big part of Grandville Lacrosse and the team is ready to go hard on and off the field in the weight room. The 2020 team has already begun hard work in the weight room, and this team is ready to go hard. 

Grandville Lacrosse will be a sport to watch this spring! There is nothing but high hopes and dreams for this team, since it could be the best team ever at GHS.

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