Student Council or GHS Family?

IMG_2670By: Amber Welch (12)

Student Council is not just a club, it is a family. Student Council has a close bond because they make bonding a priority. They get together at the beginning of summer for a pool party, they host secret santas, PJ parties, IHOP breakfasts, and decorate cookies together. Everyone involved is always open to new people and their ideas. They encourage being active in the school and stepping outside the regular comfort zone.

What does student council specifically do? “Don’t they plan homecoming and the um…assembly?” asks Seniors Lizzie Dedario and Emily Kirchhoff. In fact, this is the most common answer when asking any GHS student, what Student Council does. GHS has so many clubs to offer that it can be hard to know the roles of each club. “We plan literally everything to do with homecoming, we make sure that all of the dance go well, all the decorations, homecoming court, and the pep assembly, every little detail is done all by us..and that’s only in the fall,” states the President of Student Council, Abby Hunt. Along with this, Council helps to develop leadership skills. “Student Council is for students to develop leadership skills and be involved in their school’s culture (and community) while making it come together and feel prideful,” Mrs. VanHekken, adviser of Student Council shares. Student Council allows students to take charge and learn how to work independently.

When not working on homecoming, “Student Council never stops doing things, we never have downtime” exclaims Abby Hunt, “we put on the staff appreciation luncheon, we have put on multiple events such as Winterstock and the Talent Show. We do tons of community service, pasta for pennies (which we have surpassed our goal for the past 2 years), and Shop with a Cop, We are always making sure we have service projects to do!” Student Council thrives on making a change. They are continually looking for opportunities to help out in the community!

So how can students get involved? Forms are sent out to all of GHS students to vote for their peers. In order to be on the ballet, 50 signatures are required and an application is due. “It’s so easy to get involved in student council, just apply and even if you’re not voted on, we take volunteers!” comments Ayden Rycenga, Vice President of Student Council. Student Council is always looking for new members. If students are interested, email Mrs. VanHekken or stop into her room on Wednesdays after school to catch a glimpse of what Student Council is all about.

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