Everything YOU Need to Know About AV


By: Sydney Spicuzza (12)

“High school is a place to create memories, in the end, all you have is memories” Mr. Blevins explains (AV/Broadcasting teacher). Audio Visual (AV) is a class that lets students be creative and make their own videos according to the assignment. AV is commonly mistaken for Broadcasting. In broadcasting class students do make videos but they also set up and do the live announcements that all second hours watch every morning. 

“AV is a class where you can be yourself and be creative. It’s one of my few classes that I actually find interest in and enjoy coming to every day,” Cici Loew (senior) states. Since students are not required to take this class, the students who do take it have an interest in film making and are very creative people. Having a class that you choose to take makes it 10x more enjoyable. You get so many freedoms in AV it is a really favorited class to those who take it. Mr. Blevins says “ highest respect to teachers who don’t teach AV because they have to teach to kids without interest in the subject.” He goes on to say that teaching a class where kids will listen, be excited, and always want to be there, is easy, but he just has to make sure the students know what they’re doing. While teaching a group of students who could care less about what the teacher says is a very difficult thing to do. “Students don’t know how lucky they are,” Mrs. Lawrence says in reference to teaching a Spanish 1 class that students have taken in order to graduate. 

“Not only are students learning the basic theory behind good filming making and how to use the equipment and the editing software, but they are also learning to teach themselves and others and to find their own answers to become life long learners,” Mr. Blevins explains.  AV teaches many life lessons that students are forever grateful for. Cici Loew remembers how she learned the basics of film making by adding, “I have also learned about life, success, and teamwork from this class and the people in it.” Not only is AV filled with great life skills/lessons its also filled with amazing people. Its a place students feel they belong no matter who they are or how smart they are. 

If one were to ask anybody who is currently or was in the AV program they would tell them  it wouldn’t be what it is without Mr. Blevins, he makes the program what it is. Without him, it would just be another elective that kids take to have fun. He’s there and he works with students to make sure they have everything handled, but at the same time lets them figure some things out themselves. Mr. Blevins makes the class fun and memorable for students by filming a whole school lip sync type video every two years, hosting The Vinny’s, and hosting an end of the year cookout for the seniors enrolled in AV. He puts on many extra events that aren’t required of his job, but he does this because he wants students to take as many opportunities to make memories as possible. These extra events are not required for students to partake in but many do. When asked why she participated in these events Cici Loew exclaims, “I wanted to be part of something big within the school, I really like doing it and it’s a great memory that is documented forever.” Not only does Mr. Blevins put on these amazing opportunities for students he also is at school at 6 am and stays after school most days until 8 pm so students have time to work on anything they need too. Without Mr. Blevins, AV would not be the Grandville tradition and highlight that makes so many bulldogs proud. 

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