Zombie Deer Apocalypse – by Briana Adams (12)


Imagine the future as the first opening scene of horror movie. People flee in terror as a virus spreads infecting animal and human alike. It’s the world’s worst nightmare dawn of the dead. Except the carriers known as zombies arrive not in the form of humans…but deer. According to recent report by scientists a disease known as chronic wasting. Affects the brain’s inside the animal eating it away leaving holes instead. Causing the host to foam at the mouth and act aggressively towards others similar to that of a actual zombie.

 Since the first case of chronic wasting disease discovered 1967. The virus has spread from Canada, United States, Norway and South Korea. Infecting animals alike but most preferable deer, elk and moose are known carries. A vaccine has yet to be announced in order to fight against this disease. Thankful no account of a human being bitten has been reported yet.

 “It would be a twist for me because I have a lot of love for this state, and on the flag it has a elk and moose. But that’s a trip if it happens some real life Walking Dead,” states Nick Torres.

 “People are saying similar to mad cow disease and their trying to figure out everything about the deer disease to see if it’s okay for us humans to still be able to consume deer meat. When hunting season comes back around, prob’s to also make sure it can’t transfer to other wildlife,” claims Alexis Ramirez.

“I hope the DNR is taking great lengths to stop this disease,” adds Mr. Ngyuen.

When asked whether or not the threat of zombie deer was dangerous. Many shared the same opinion that the threat isn’t real. But should be taken into consideration for the safety of the environment. That way it won’t come back to haunt humanity in the worst way possible. If a cure is finally produced soon with the help of today’s modern medicine.

For now the threat of a zombie deer biting a person and turning them into a zombie. Seems to be in the first stage with people finding out more about chronological disease. Hopefully with the virus catching everyone attention. Health officials can develop a vaccine to rid the threat of zombie deer. Before stage two where the virus gets out of hand and infects everyone starts soon.


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