Marina – by Emily Kelly (12)

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Marina, the Welsh singer-songwriter formerly known as Marina and The Diamonds, is planning to release her fourth album really soon. “After a name change and three years out of the spotlight, the artist formerly known as Marina and The Diamonds is ready to make her comeback” (My Name is Marina – On February 14, 2019, Marina posted on multiple social media platforms to let fans know that album number four – Love + Fear – would be released on April 26, 2019. Prior to this announcement, two singles from the album had been released; ‘Baby’, which features Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi, and ‘Handmade Heaven’, which had an interesting title reveal in the days leading up to the release. On Marina’s Spotify, the thumbnail images for some of her most popular songs were changed into a single letter for each, that could be rearranged into the title of “Handmade Heaven’; the songs included were: ‘Oh No!’, ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ (which isn’t available on U.S. Spotify), ‘Fear & Loathing’, ‘Obsessions’, ‘I Am Not A Robot’, ‘Teen Idle’, ‘FROOT’, ‘Mowgli’s Road’, ‘Primadonna’, ‘The Outsider’, ‘Immortal’, ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’, ‘Blue’, and ‘Savages’. The third single from this album, ‘Superstar’, was released March 1, 2019. Love + Fear is set to be two eight track collections, one being love and the other being fear.

Merchandise and concert tickets are now available for pre-order along with the album. Marina is planning on kicking off this new era with a UK tour from April 29 to May 10, with a United States tour beginning September 10 until October 9. VIP tickets are also available for each show. On Twitter, Marina posted a message for fans telling that there will be 100 VIP tickets per venue, giving access to a premium reserved seat, early access to the merch stand, a collectible postcard set of watercolor illustrations designed by Marina, a watercolor illustration tote bag (also designed by Marina), and a collectible early entry VIP tour laminate. The new merchandise includes a vinyl copy of the album, a cd, a digital download, a double-sided ‘Love + Fear’ necklace, a notebook and pen set, and 4 bundle choices.

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