Is the show “YOU” as hype as people make it out to be? – by Ashlyn Luke (12)

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The show, YOU is just another shady tv show that is about a classic stalker who stalks his girlfriend on the daily. The Netflix Original tv show gives all their viewers a thrill. The show came out around two months ago and as of today it still has a million viewers. The show continues to shock people. The creator of this show makes viewers get sucked in and continue watching. Throughout Grandville High School the past two months a lot of students have been asking others questions about it. It keeps you off your seat and wanting to continue watching. Alyssa Luke speaks her thoughts on the show YOU and she enjoyed it a lot. “My favorite character was Bec’s best friend that stalked her all throughout the movie because she is the type of person that is not afraid to speak her mind and my least favorite was Joe because he is just so creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable.” Alyssa says there is a lot of bad parts in the show. “ Joe really frustrates me and I don’t like him as a character for this show, they should’ve chosen a different person, especially because he is from Gossip Girl and he killed Bec which makes me so mad.” Alyssa thinks they could’ve made it better by not killing every character practically in the show. Mrs. Kornoelje said that she likes the show, but it is creepy to think that this could happen in real life. With social media nowadays anyone could get stalked. “ My favorite character is Bec’s best friend because she is the type of person to speak the truth, but I can’t stand Joe because he makes me feel uncomfortable.” Mrs. Kornoelje’s favorite part of the show is how Bec keeps falling for Joe and how oblivious she is the whole time. She does not like how Joe stalks Bec the whole show.  (SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you plan on watching the show!) Mrs. Kornelije thinks in order for them to make it a better show they shouldn’t have had Bec died at the end, it was a burner for all the viewers she says. Go watch the show on Netflix to see what the hype is about.


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