School Parking Lot Gone Bad – by Ashlyn Luke (12)


We all know that we need a spot to park in at school. The Grandville High School parking lot is crazy and you can never find a spot or get into it. Throughout the years the Grandville High School parking lot has been a mess. They have changed it over the years, but they can’t seem to find a way to make it work for the students. The smallest little incidents happen that are unnecessary, just because people are anxious to get out of the school and there is no smooth way to get out of the lot. Especially during the winter right now and living in Michigan a lot of snow has came our way. Within the last few months a lot of snow has piled up on top of parking spots causing less spots for students. Like the rest of the school, we all want a close parking spot so we fly around the parking lot to get one, but the way the pick up line is set up it is hard for students to get through without small accidents happening or angry people. What could we do to fix this problem that has occurred over the years?

Jake Fontaine explains his own opinion on what he thinks of the school parking lot, “It’s very spacious. I really like the accessibility to weight room and gym in the athletic parking lot, which is really nice.” He likes how the parking lot extends towards the weight room so you can access both at the same time. Jake explains how he never actually confronts people, but he has laid  on his horn a few times. “People feel entitled sometimes and forget traffic rules which is annoying and, above all, dangerous.” Jake says, “ I kind of yes and kind of no do not like the set up for the school parking lot. The curve by the athletic entrance isn’t very wide, so it’s really hard to maneuver my way around cars that are parked to pick up and drop people off, especially if I have to drive a large car. If we could widen that part somehow, I think it’d overall be pretty good.”  Mrs. VanderWest in the office explains that the parking is not safe for anyone. “ I think we should reverse the parking lot and have the students exit on the Canal side and the students exit on the Wilson side.” Mrs VanderWest thinks that the students drive too crazy at times, which makes it ridiculous to get out of the parking lot. “It would be better for walkers too because there is less traffic out the Canal side.” All GHS student drivers need to really step up and make an effort to make our parking lot less crazy and more safe.


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