Prom Princess Dreams – Alaina Sanchez (12)

IMG_0803 (2)

Every girl dreams about prom, they want it to be a night they will never forget.. What most girl’s dream about is finding their perfect dress, but finding the perfect dress can be a very stressful process. There are thousands of dresses to pick from however it can be tricky. Senior Allie Wiegand states that her biggest struggle when looking for a dress is “Finding for the right style that fits me best.” Most girls have trouble finding a dress that fits them correctly and flatters their body type. There are so many things to take into consideration when looking for a dress. It’s either too long, too short, too small, or too big. The amount of time it takes every girl to find a dress may vary, but it could take one day or three months. “When I was looking for a prom dress junior year it took me months to find the right one, I ordered maybe ten dresses and eventually found the right one” states Senior Renee Zetona. Finding a girl’s first prom dress can be difficult because they don’t always know where to look for their dresses. There are many stores that shoppers can go to shop for the perfect dress. “I got mine from Renee Austin in Grand Rapids” Kailynn Cummings, a GHS senior states. This is one of the few places to go in the Grand Rapids area to shop for a dress. Other stores that offer a large selections on online include websites such as,, and Another option would be to shop in store from places like Second Dance in Grand Rapids, Windsor, Macy’s or the Prom Shop in Rivertown Mall. Over the course of a few years families have been paying an increasing amount on prom. “My senior year prom dress cost me $35 when I was in high school!” exclaims Esmeralda Garza. Today they average girl, according to, spends $400 on her prom dresses. All that being said the whole process of finding the perfect dress is worth it in the end. As silly as it sounds a dress can make prom night that much better and memorable for years to come.


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