PROM on a FRIDAY?? Here’s the tea GHS – by Regan Heintz (12)


Typically prom is an event for specifically juniors and seniors AND held on a Saturday. This year something pushed the scheduling of prom to a Friday, not even a half day Friday, a full day Friday. Not only is it a full day, but it is the non-official or GPS recognized “Senior Skip Day” which complicates this day for seniors. Many students have opinions about prom day. 

Senior Kaela Tucker has a few things to say about this: “ It’s bad because we have the full day of school and a dance to go to and get ready for.  Although I’m upset we have school, I am still excited for the dance because it will be my last one in high school, and it’s a good time getting all fancy.”

Junior Emily Terrell said: “I’m excited because I think it will be fun, but I think it would be smarter to have a half day on the Friday so then more people would go to school and then they would still have enough time to get ready.”

Getting ready for prom looks a little different for boys than it does girls. Senior Josh Fontaine’s thoughts are:

“Even though it doesn’t take me all that long to get ready, I know the girls have appointments and things they need to do to get ready that take up quite some time. Also spring sports are going on during the time of prom, and so if we have to have practice after school, that is leaving everyone in a crunch for time.”

*At the time this story was written, there was no official word from GHS Administration on this, but just before the posting of this story. Mr. Lancto sent out the following message:

Parents and Guardians,
I wanted to clarify a few things regarding Prom which will be held at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville on Friday,
May 3rd from 6:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. This year is the first year that Prom has been on a Friday for Grandville High
School in recent years. There are several reasons for this switch:
1. Working around Easter weekend which changes each year.
2. Making sure there is not a conflict with the Spring Musical which is determined by when Easter weekend is.
3. Finding a venue that also serves food for the safety of our students so that they are not driving all over
4. Working with the venue to book dates that are open.
With Prom being on a Friday this year, there have been several questions regarding what the day looks like from an
attendance standpoint. The day of Prom is a normal school day and therefore, everything will operate as normal. If
you would like to remove your student from school, please follow the normal school policy for contacting the
attendance office for an excused absence. As far as Seniors go, an absence on Friday, May 3rd will count towards
the total for the Senior exam exemption.
Lastly, the student handbook policy for dance attendance will be in effect for Prom and is outlined below:
Attendees of any school dance (spirit or formal–Homecoming, Snowcoming, Prom) must be in good standing,
behaviorally, and exhibit consistent attendance. To attend any school dance, attendees must:
● Have all outstanding detentions served
● Have any outstanding parking tickets paid
● Have been in attendance at least 80% of the time up to the date of the dance. Exceptions made for
funerals, documented medical absences, etc.
Students who would like to bring a guest from another school, must complete the Guest Pass Form prior to the
deadline. No middle school student or guest over the age of 19 may attend a Grandville High School dance.
I hope this clarifies any questions there might be,
Adam Lancto | Principal


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