Poor Sleep Patterns Can Result in Compromised School Performance – by Alexis Ransom (12)

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*Some students interviewed for this story wish to remain anonymous and have been assigned a number.

Sleep is crucial when it come’s to any student’s education. At GHS, I am constantly noticing the behaviors and academic performances of the students around me. Could this be in relation to sleep? Grandville High School senior, Katherine Trimino, says she gets pretty good sleep on the average night. “I would rate my quality of sleep an 8” says Katherine. “I get about seven hours in an average night.” She claims her school performance is decent, rating in at an 8. She is not a 4.0 student, but earns A’s and B’s. Could this be in relation to her sleeping patterns and quality? Student #2 I said she gets a good amount of sleep each night, but she is really restless throughout the night, waking up every hour and struggles to fall back asleep. She states that her energy and motivation at school is a 3 out of 10. “It is really hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings” says student #2. “During the week of later bedtimes, teachers rated these kids as having more academic problems and more attention problems,” according to the NSF, the National Sleep Foundation. Grandville High business teacher, Mr. Schwalm, says he notices and can distinguish between which of his students may not be getting the sleep they require to excel in school. “Certain students of mine are constantly dozing off in my class. They also tend to skip my class weekly. Typically, those students don’t do as well on tests.”

Is your sleep affecting your school performance? Try getting more sleep and see what happens!

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