Inspire Others to Make a CHANGE – Aubrie Chambers (11)


Lately more young women at GHS have been empowering other young women. The local club at GHS called WALC (Women’s Athletic Leadership Club) is working to eliminate stigma about feminism and women’s issues. Instead of shriveling away from stigma, this club embraces issues that all women face today.

“WALC is a women’s athletic leadership club where girls empower each other and their abilities” Marissa Bender, club member says.

WALC is not the average club. There are 142 girls as members, to be exact. They don’t turn any girl down. “I’m not very athletic” Mrs.Peterson, Co-Club Advisor says, but no girl should be turned away, so we open up the athletic leadership club, for all girls who are active and involved in any extracurricular activity. We try to include everyone. This is more about girls issues, and being positive and supportive, especially to women’s sports at GHS.”

“The empowerment of women is so important. It’s important because we are supporting each other and we need more of that in our world. Girls can be mean!” Amber Welch, WALC member exclaims.

Recently the club made an effor to tackle the issue of girls judging other girls harshly for no reason. So, the girls of GHS WALC sent candy canes with positive messages attached to them to other girls in the school to send positive messages to them during their normal school day. 

Not only do member encourage kindness and  lift each other up, but they are tackling a new challenge and sensitive topic. WALC is working on collecting donations of feminine products and they have created stations in many of the women’s bathrooms at GHS that supply girls if they have an emergency at school.

We hope the drive reduces the stigma around periods, pads and tampons.  We know it can, unfortunately, be an embarrassing thing for girls to talk about”  Ms.Koza, Co-Club Advisor says. Through the WALC drive, the girls are hoping that all students and staff can feel much more comfortable with the sight and talk of pads and tampons. “It’s important for girls to get recognition and support issues people are afraid to talk about” Sawyer Haisma, WALC member states.

In an effort to always inspire the girls, the club meets at least once a month to talk about how they can uplift each other, and raise awareness for their sports and their feminine product drive. By planning new activities and new videos to stay positive, this club is truly inspiring.


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