Grandville Girls Water Polo Players Take on Florida Tournament as Spartans – by Renee Zetona (12)


Spartan Water Polo Club originated from the Lansing, Michigan area and overtime has expanded throughout the entire state. The main connection between Spartan Water Polo Club and Grandville Girls Water Polo is that the co-head coach for Spartan is also the head coach for Grandville Girls Water Polo.  Harrison Watt AKA Harry is everything athletes would expect from a coach. He is someone all players can go to for polo related things or even to talk about something personal. “It’s a really unique connection, for one, I love that Spartan reaches west and has such a broad range of where our players come from. It’s awesome once I get to high school season to compete against some of the kids I coached at Spartan. I genuinely cheer for all of their success even though they’re not all Grandville Bulldogs, I’m very blessed to coach such amazing kids at Spartan,” states Harrison Watt. As many can tell from this quote Harry is genuinely a kind person who only wants his team to succeed and do their absolute best. Grandville doesn’t have a preseason training, which is why many of the girls play for Spartan. It gives them an opportunity to get in the water before high school season. For a lot of the Grandville girls, the Spartan tournament in Florida was their very first experience of water polo outside of Michigan. “It was a really fun experience and I enjoyed being able to play water polo outdoors. I met a lot of people while I was at the tournament and that was a really cool experience for me,” says Isabel Castro. Playing in Florida is completely different then playing in Grandville, the level of training in Florida is much more intense than what it is in Michigan. “The main difference is the level of competition,” claims Emily Katerberg. Team bonding is something the team and coaches try to focus on a lot during the season and going to Florida enhanced the trust between the players. “Not only did I enjoy the playing water polo aspect of the trip, but I also enjoyed getting to know my teammates in the water and out! Playing in an outdoor pool created challenges that would not occur in an indoor pool such as the sun in your eyes or the air outside being too cold,” states Sarah Kelly. Since the entire Florida team consisted of mainly Grandville girls, it gave the bulldog polo players a chance to become very close which will show in the spring high school season.

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