Is Winterstock the next NEED TO BE THERE event? – by Sawyer Haisma (12)


Grandville students are constantly looking forward to the next social event, we are always open to more spirit dances, game days, or homecomings. But what if the next good experience was right in front of us this entire time?

Let me introduce an up and coming show I recently learned about known as Winterstock. In the words of a recognized performer,Israel Smith (12), it’s a school organized occasion where all of the young bands in GHS can perform covers or original songs for their peers to enjoy for a small price of three dollars. Basically a low price concert right? Close to home hosted in the auditorium; Lauren Ditmer and other members of the Student Council, who all assist in the production of the show, describe it as “a spirit dance with live music” and we know how well spirit dances go over.

When asked about the process leading up the his addition to the show Kellan Dunlap (12) a notorious star in GHS plays, choirs, and band member of Perhaps Not illustrated the influences in his life that shaped his path in music. Also why he chose Winterstock to showcase his talent. He conveyed that many of the people who swayed him to commit to music were performers themselves. In terms of performing in Winterstock the other band members encouraged him and he stated while referring to his past influencers “I want to have that same positive impact on other people.”

photo (2).jpg

I was lucky to speak with another instrumentalist of the band, Daaron Fleeger (12) who gave me insight into the music the band will be putting on stage. He described a list of classics that nobody could resist. I even got to sit in on a practice. With a front row seat I realized I knew all of the songs on the list, after hearing them performed I have no doubt that the crowd this year will be just as blown away. The guitarist/pianist also revealed to me the meaning of their original song. Which you will have to hear for yourself, though the message itself is pleasing enough. He informed,” It speaks to those who have distress or had so many bad things happen to them they think it can’t get better, but it can.”


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