Helping Hands – by Makayla Johnson (12)


Kids food basket is a club at GHS where students are trying to support as many kids as they can who some days do not get food put on the table in front of them. The club members are trying to make these kids feel loved in so many ways, such as, decorating bags, bagging healthy food items into sack suppers, and getting donations from people around this community.

The adviser for this club, Mrs. Bridges says the ideal part of this club is to end kids from going hungry and not having to worry about whether or not they will be getting food today.

Co-President Grace Hoekema, said “I think it is so important to raise awareness about childhood hunger, because many people don’t realize how prominent it is in Grand Rapids. Both Aubrey and I are extremely passionate about this cause, and wanted to spark this passion in others as well. We want to help students understand that their actions, whether it be volunteering at KFB or decorating a bad for the sack suppers, can make such a big impact on the lives of these kids in need.”

Jayden Boogaard who is in the club said that her favorite part about being involved in Kids Food Basket is, “being able to help kids around the community whose families don’t have enough money to access enough food for their kids.”

The other Co-President Aubrey Hoekema said, she thinks that “this club will continue to grow here at GHS mainly because there have been many students who have been joining the club and absolutely loving the fact that they get to be apart of impacting children’s lives.”

Kids Food Basket has many goals behind it and many leaders of this club are constantly working to improve on what they can do to raise money or help kids have some sort of food at meal times.

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