Grandville is Ready For It – by Benjamin Nguyen (12)


When it comes to powerful leadership and dynamic personalities, Grandville High School represents those elements really well. Most of that is due to the Distributive Education Clubs of America or DECA. DECA engages students in role playing scenarios during competition, all successors to advance to larger competitions. DECA crafts excellent leadership and improves critical thinking. “It teaches you about real business problems and gives you a scenario that you’d find in the business world” says District Champion Caleb Vachon, “The more knowledge you have, the better leader you are. The more you deal with the scenarios, you get better at them and you learn how to talk to people. That’s what DECA is. It’s how you talk to people, It’s not as much your business sense.”

Students in DECA are encouraged to promote competition and to use their skills in the business world. Such skills that prove useful when wanting to be successful. “I want our students to take away habits and skills of confidence, leadership, and poise in business” says DECA Advisor Mrs. Burrill as she is preparing her District Champion students for State Championships in Detroit.

When participating in DECA, the development of exceptional entrepreneurship and critical thinking can be found within it. Students interested in pursuing business are highly encouraged to participate as it helps students become more community oriented. “It really helped me get out into the school and get into the minds of younger kids and tell them about the experience” claims DECA Vice President of Leadership, Nick Burrill. Students will find that the written exams and the quick thinking role-plays might be tough, but essential to narrow down to the best and the brightest students during nationals which makes out DECA to be a thorough and professional process. “Role plays went good, I did what I was told. I followed directions. I went in really confident and found out I didn’t go to States,” said Senior Keith Chemjor, who was not able to qualify for DECA State Championships. “I didn’t get bummed out because as long as did my best there is nothing else I can do about it.” When it all comes down to it, the one thing DECA judges look for is if the student is Ready For It, which is the most important characteristic of all.

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