GHS Talent “ROCKS” – by Emily Kelly (12)


Even though the GHS Talent Rock has already passed, it doesn’t mean people can’t learn more about it. To get some inside information on the show, I interviewed freshman Jennica Nastaj, who was a participant in this year’s Talent Rock. I started off by asking her what got her interested in auditioning for the show and she commented, “I love singing and I wanted to get my voice out there alone, not just in a group.” When asked about her favorite part of being in the Talent Rock, she replied with, “I really liked practicing with the other people backstage, especially during the dress rehearsal.” Jennica did have some advice for anyone wanting to try out for next year’s Talent Rock, “I would say go for it! You try out, it’s fun, you meet so many good people. And for anyone not wanting to participate, they can go watch it and see their classmates having fun and being themselves.” I also interviewed Sydney Kelly, a sixth grader at East Elementary. Sydney told me that she didn’t originally want to go to the show, but she went anyway and had a good time. “I think my favorite act was the stand-up comedy,” she said, “and I liked how the audience could answer trivia questions for prizes between performances.” Anyone who missed the Talent Rock 2019 should definitely try to make it to the next Talent Rock for a good time watching classmates show off their talents.

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