Disc Golf for Bulldogs – by Damien Napier (12)

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Do you like golf have you ever heard of disc golf? It’s just like golf but with frisbee’s

A lot of people do not get outside enough and many of those people do not have enough money to go do the fun things they wish they could. Disc golf is an amazing and fun hobby that a lot of people love and enjoy. This hobby is played with frisbees the goal is to get the frisbee into the basket. The scoring works just like regular golf.

Many people have no idea what this is or have seen it at a park but have never tried it. It is easy fun for you and your family to get outside and have a blast also if taken seriously there are tournaments for a chance to win money. Coach Klingler stated “I’ve never actually played disc golf but it looks like it would be a fun hobby to do with friends.” After interviewing coach Klingler he expressed that he would really like to go play with his family sometime.

Connor Krauss stated “I have gone a couple of times I don’t know why I don’t go more because it is free and it’s a lot of fun.” If anyone has ever played frisbee, you already know what to do! Mr. Breazeale exclaimed, “I love playing catch with a frisbee, but I have never gone disc golfing. I would really love to go with my sons.” It is clear that anyone can play and would love to go out and play disc golf. Next time you need something to do and are a little short on cash, grab some friends and go out to have fun with this super fun game.

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