Haley Larsen (11) – by Tori Francis (12)


“I knew immediately when I got my test grade back,

not studying for this exam was going to be something

I regret. Something I definitely do now and focus on.

I’ve always felt that I tie really well into the athlete

stereotype. Similar to the romance movies you see

on the Hallmark channel, I am the athlete character

that constantly brings up sports in my everyday

conversations. I am always tying things back to

sports. The small scar on my ankle was from

when my cousin got a fish hook caught in it. A

memory I will truly never forget. I most often tell

myself that the lie that I’m not smart but in reality

I think that if I applied myself more I could probably

be a lot smarter. Iowa is the one place I will

absolutely never visit again, solely because it has

nothing. Literally nothing.”

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