SLAM IT! – by Hannah Kinzler (12)

copy of dsc_0009

Do you love poetry and get excited about sharing your work with others? Slam Poetry Club is an opportunity for students who understand anything that deals with a musical way of delivering language. The club originally started meeting two times a week, but once their schedules got busy, they changed that to once a week. When this club meets, whoever has a piece they have been working on, they can showcase their talent. It is also a safe environment to ask for feedback. “Initially we started out with 11 members, now it’s probably somewhere closer to 9,” Mrs. Watts, the adviser of the club states. 

“I read up on poetry a lot, that’s mainly what I read when it comes to books. Poetry is a way to express myself” Kyle Tarchinski claims.  Kyle also explains that Slam Poetry Club makes him feel welcomed. He also states that he loves being able to share his poetry with others who genuinely care. “It would be awesome to get more members, we are like a family, and we even have a group text,” Kyle shares, “I love having Mrs. Watts as our adviser because she doesn’t only help is with our poetry, but she helps us in other aspects of our lives too.”

Morgan Humenick, a member of the club states “I had no way to put my thoughts down, and Slam Poetry helped me get rid of those thoughts.” Morgan also describes the club as a family, “It’s so easy to be able to open up and talk to the other members of the club.”

“The students in Slam Poetry Club just want to be heard, and they want to be celebrated in their spoken word,” Mrs. Watts explains. “The whole purpose of this club is to celebrate spoken word.” She explains that as the adviser of the club she doesn’t do much advising. She said that as a club they just sit back and enjoy each other’s poems. It is obvious that she truly enjoys meeting with these kids because they are so excited to be there. Mrs. Watts goes on to say “We are all energized by delivering words and that is something I always enjoy. The intentionality behind the words is what excites me.”

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