GHS Hockey is Just Getting Started! – by Hanna Sarber (11)

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The Grandville Hockey team’s record last year was 23 and 3, this year currently it is 1 and 7. Caden Fisher returning goalie for team states “It’s hard going from being 23 and 3 the previous year to currently being 1 and 7 but every game we have gotten stronger. I can’t wait for what the rest of the season brings.” The team didn’t get off to a very good start this season after losing fourteen seniors, their team is a young team with not a lot of returners. Thankfully it looks like the team is turning it around for the better. They won their first game against Forest Hills Northern Eastern. Coach Breazeale stated “The team has been making progress to get closer to where they need to be, and winning this past game was a step towards that.” After the first win the hockey fans of GHS and especially the players are pumped up and ready for what the rest of the season will bring. Caleb Sheehan and Jake Monroe dedicated fans of the hockey team stated a prediction “The hockey is just getting started and will win all of it’s upcoming games.” With the amount of hard work the team puts in that prediction may be possible.

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