Fischer’s Next Show (Sense and Sensibility) – by Natalie Myers (11)



Sense and Sensibility– Is the coming of age novel by the one and only Jane Austen. When some people hear the name Jane Austen they think boring, old, and not relevant at all.

So why did Mr.Fisher choose this story for the school play? He had a few reasons to explain on the matter. “ I love the book and grew up on Jane Austen, and I personally have always loved strong female characters. They have interesting stories worth being told.” He went on to say “ Once I heard about the new version and the rights became available, I was like, I have to do this! I loved it so much.”

He wants the audience to get involved in this story, since most stories have a take-away or lesson to them. He states “ People live their lives and the audience watches. It’s about sisters, and family and hardships. There’s no high stakes event. It’s gossipy English society people who learn about themselves.” Mr. Fischer really wants the audience to see that “ Jane Austen is funny and witty, and fast paced. I want this classic author to be seen in a positive light.”

So, if students would be interested in a coming of age story that is witty, funny and fast paced, make it a point to go see Sense and Sensibility performed by the GHS Theater group! Show the theater some well deserved support for all of their hard work and dedication to the art of theater!

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