Topics That Need to be Taught in High School – by Lexi DeKam (12)


Some may argue that upcoming generations do not necessarily need to know “the basics” for living a content life, considering the newly improved technology that keeps advancing. But I am here to tell you, that is most definitely not the case! Today’s early adults have shown proof that they do not know how to “adult” in society. Most students/early adults don’t even realize what little we know or are missing out on in young adult life. Therefore, I believe it is best to add in certain classes to our high schools that teach students the basics, to live a happier and healthier life.

To start, high schools should add cooking classes. Student Elle Frasier at Grandville High School says, “I know how to cook some things, but I don’t know how to really cook.” The benefits of adding a cooking class could impact lives hugely. Students need to know how to prepare food, grocery shop and meal plan for themselves and their upcoming future/family, instead of just relying on their parents to do it all. Though with new technology, one can always look up a recipe, but it is still very important to understand how to prepare a meal if certain resources are not available.

Another class to add would have to do with “adult business in your household, like how to fill out taxes, how to shop for services, buy a car or home, pay bills, fill out important paperwork and all types of insurance. Although there are business classes in high schools, they don’t really teach you how to run a household wisely. Knowing how to do these things, would reduce stress and prepare young adults for their future.

Adding an medical class (not EMT or for those going into the health care field), Sustainable Living class, or a Survival class, would bring many benefits to any high school. By adding an Emergency Medical class, students could learn CPR and basic emergency skills along with how to run a healthy and safe household. It is essential to know how and what to do in a situation where health or even death is a factor in homes. Some type of survival class would also bring benefits, where it would teach students how to take care of themselves in adverse situations. Student Regan Heintz at Grandville High School says, “A survival class could improve and save many lives, because students would understand how to handle serious situations.” Many students also see a need for a course on how to run a sustainable and environmentally responsible home. This information could be used in their current homes and then again when students are living on their own in adulthood.

If schools added a Self Care class, many students would be happier and healthier. A Self Care class could teach students how to love and take care of themselves, decreasing depression. Some students don’t understand how important it is to take care of yourself. It is essential to love yourself, in order to live a strong healthy life.

Last, schools should add a class where its main focus is “Planning For The Future”. In this class, students would learn how to prepare for interviews, resumes, cover letters, careers, and opportunities. Many students don’t understand how many opportunities there are in this world. This class would reveal career pathways and interests for students who have no idea what they want to do for their future. This class would prepare students for success in all areas.

All of these classes would enhance all students capacities in many ways. By adding these classes, students get more experience with real life situations, instead of just tests and homework, students would be performing actual hands on experience to prepare them for their future. It is essential to learn all of these things, this is why these topics need to be taught in high schools world-wide.


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